Techniques to Market and Distribute Your Independent Film

  • Posted by admin
  • On November 4, 2014

One of the lots of methods to disperse your movie is to get it into an independent theater. To do so, you should do some research study work. Find out more on the types of films each theater reveals. Examine out their titles and the kinds of budgets these films have. It will give you a much better idea to see if your movie has a possibility to be shown here.

Make a list of what theaters remain in your area, many these will be much smaller sized than the large movie theaters we are used to. Contact them and ask questions on exactly what their submission guidelines are. Do they just take films through a supplier? Will they take films from an independent filmmaker themselves? Do you require filling out an application kind of some kind?

It would help if you have been to a celebration and had your film shown here. It offers you trustworthiness and a portfolio to show theater managers.

Submitting Your Video Online

Utilizing online sources for your film is another obvious and simple way to get your movie revealed. Many sites are free-and-easy to use. You cannot charge for entryway like with a theater, but it also does not cost you money to promote the film and get individuals in the seats. Some theaters will likewise charge you to rent their area, so uploading to an online site may be the answer for you to get your film noticed.

Some online websites have a limitation to how large their files can be, depending upon the quality that you are showing; you will need to cut your movie into sections. Make certain that you modify your film accordingly in a significant way.

Some websites you might publish to are: YouTube, Google Film, Yahoo Video, Guba and naturally your very own website. There are some other, so do some research study to which is the finest fit for you.

If your film is truly interesting and gets many hits, you might get some interest from studios or distributors, especially if you send them a link to your film.

Selling Your Film Online

If you are an enterprising type of person you can constantly sell your very own movies online. Naturally, you have the option of offering them in local stores and flea markets too, but you will reach a wider and bigger audience online.

Offering on sites like eBay, iOffer, Amazon also Cafepress will get you hundreds if not thousands of views and possibly some sales. It takes excellent advertising and marketing to make good sales on these sites, considering that there is a great deal of competition. That it's an initial film may or might not help you to sell it, however again if you are a good promoter, you simply may make thegreat loan.

Utilizing Cafepress has an included benefit. Not only can they burn your DVD from a file you publish, you can develop your cover and marketing materials like t-shirts, hats, and buttons. You can provide them out to residents and friends to promote your movie. Plus, you can sell your motion picture on Cafepress too. You can likewise purchase copies of your movie at cost and offer them yourself or distribute them to local services.


Discovering a distributor can be a challenge too. You can find some online also in your yellow pages, make sure they are legitimate by contacting the Better Business Bureau in your area.

Some online websites you can try are: Independent Film Distribution, Avatar Films, IFC (Independent Film Channel), yes they do take submission for independent films, look at their submission standards. Underground Films, Indie Films, and Atom Films. There are a lot more, simply do a search for them and you can discover the best one for you.

Remember to read any contract entirely and thoroughly. Make certain you are only giving the supplier the rights to disperse the film and absolutely nothing else. Make certain you aren't giving them an excessive loan for doing so, they do have a cut of the sales, but make certain they are only getting what's fair to them. Having a lawyer look over any contracts is always an excellent idea if you can manage one.